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Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom could be the last British monarch

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom It is long tablecloths because this Saturday February 6 celebrated 69 years of his reign, which has made her the British monarch who has reigned for the longest time, this after ascended the throne in 1952, after the death of his father, King George VI of the United Kingdom.

To their 94 years old, the Queen isabel II does not plan to leave the throne soon, even already prepares a celebration for the so-called Platinum Jubilee to commemorate 70 years of reign, which will be held in mid-2022 if there is no setback, which has been declared a national holiday.

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And, despite the various crises it has faced as head of state, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has managed to come out ahead and has managed to maintain the British crown before a people that on several occasions have questioned whether they should continue to maintain the constitutional monarchy or that UK become a republic.

The last queen

According to the royal biographer, Clive Irving, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom it could be llast british queen for two reasons: the first has to do with the fact that the next three heirs to the throne are men: the prince Charles of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his son, Prince George of Cambridge.

The second reason is because, according to Clive Irving, the efforts of the Queen Isabel for maintaining the monarchy in the United Kingdom they have been exemplary, especially because it has become increasingly “rare and obsolete”, as described by the biographer in his book The Last Queen: 70 Years of Elizabeth II’s Battle to Save the House Windsor.

However, these efforts could collapse once the first heir to the throne ascends, we speak of the prince Charles of Wales, who is currently married to Camila from Cornwall, but this royal couple is one of the least loved in the history of the monarchy, especially because of what happened to the beloved Lady Di.

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The British don’t want Carlos on the throne

Although Diana, Wale’s princess He died in 1997 and since almost 24 years have passed since his death, Lady Di enjoys a better failure than her ex-husband, Charles of WalesEven after so many years, this is because, for the British and for the world, Prince Charles was an infidel who repeatedly cheated on Princess Diana.

Furthermore, he married Camila, the third in contention and more than a queen, the British cannot help but see her as Carlos’s “mistress”, so that, if he realizes his right to reign, Prince Charles could put an end to the british monarchy.

Situation that could not be that way if in your place your child crashes, William of Cambridge and his wife, Catherine of Cambridge, which have managed to win the affection of the British, so it will be a matter of seeing what they decide within the royal family, since Carlos’ genius right to reign and his obstinacy to do so could mean the end of the monarchy of the UK.

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