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Queues of almost two hours to get the vaccine in Granada

Colas of hundreds of meters and almost two hours of duration to get the vaccine. This is the panorama that many Grenadians who have come to get vaccinated this afternoon in the Northern Fire Station of the capital. The line of people was already very extensive at the beginning of the appointments, at 3:30 p.m., and it has reached the entirety of the Casería del Cerro street to Joaquina Eguaras, after zigzagging through the interior of the Almanjáyar Fair. All without protection and in the sun, which has raised complaints from these people, especially teachers.

This situation was already experienced last week during the first two days since this new vaccinator, a situation that those responsible for Granada Metropolitan health district they are studying to solve.

A teacher got in touch with this newsroom to comment, at around six in the afternoon, that he had already hour and a half waitingAnd that he had at least half an hour left when he had the appointment at five in the afternoon. Like this one, several more people expressed their complaint and did not have a shadow in which to shelter. “I have left the queue, I do not care to lose the site,” one of them commented to this newsroom.

Health sources affirm that the queues are not due to no delay in vaccination, which throughout the afternoon was at the expected rate of 600 people an hour at this point. From these same information, the people of Granada are reminded that they must follow the instructions given to them, and that is to always come at the indicated time, at least a quarter of an hour before, and not earlier.

In fact, one of the measures contemplated is nor vaccinate people who are not at their assigned time for arriving too early. At the moment, calls are made to go messages just fifteen minutes before the summons.

Another explanation to these queues offered by health sources consulted by this writing is that it continues to come people without appointments and also those who were called to be vaccinated in previous days, but who did not come to get pricked. “A lot is happening with people who had an appointment last Friday and did not come,” says one of these sources.


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