Qwant offers a donation mode

After proposing
to pay press publishers

    even before the establishment of the
European directive on copyright in the digital age

   Qwant, the French search engine that tries to compete with US giants and especially Google, announces a new initiative to convince him that he is on the right side of the digital force.

It offers its users to switch to Qwant Causes, a vertical engine where these users can accept more advertising so that the additional income thus generated is donated to an association of their choice.

" And this without renouncing our privacy policy, advertising always appearing according to the keywords entered by the user in the search engine and not according to the data reported from cookies or cookies. a log in Says Marie Julliot, deputy CEO of Qwant.

100,000 euros after one year

If he has not cleared his cash memory, the user will know how much he has given Qoz (the currency chosen for this initiative) for a given period, but if Qwant calls this cash memory for this calculation, he does not link this information to a given account. In all, " Qwant Causes could generate 100,000 euros for associations after one year, it can go quickly ", Hopes Marie Julliot.

Eligible associations must be recognized as being of public utility. The company has an index of 7,000 at this stage. If the Internet does not specify who he wants to give, the money will go to the association of the month elected by the community. Qwant will try to animate this aspect so that it is not always the same beneficiaries.

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