Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

Raab reports that Britain will not pay Brexit settlement without a trade agreement

The UK could refuse to pay its £ 39 billion divorce bill in Brussels if it does not get a trade deal, said Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.

million. Raab said that there had to be a "conditionality" He told the Sunday Telegraph: "Article 50 requires, while we negotiate the withdrawal agreement, that there be a future framework for our new relationship, so the two are linked.

"You can not have one side that fills its side of the market and the other side not, or go slowly, or do not get it. to commit to his side. "

" So, I think we need to make sure that there is some conditionality between the two. "

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To the question of whether it would put such a provision in the legislation, Mr. Raab said: "It is certain that & ## 39 it must fit into the arrangements that we have at the international level with our EU partners.We must point out that the two are linked. "

Comments appeared to disagree with Chancellor Philip Hammond, who said of the divorce payment last December: "I find it inconceivable that we as a nation would be far from an obligation we have recognized as an obligation

" This is not a credible scenario. This is not the kind of country we are. Frankly, that would not make us a credible partner for future international agreements. "

Mr. Raab also defended the controversial compromise of Heads of Ministers on the objectives of withdrawal, insisting that he wanted to persuade voters and cabinet colleagues." The Brexit Secretary said: " I want to make sure that we can persuade everyone – the grassroots, the constituents, the parliamentary party and the ministers, including the cabinet – that we have the best deal and the best plan to get the best deal.

The Brexit Secretary stated that critics were wrong to think that Ms. May would not leave without an agreement if she had to.

"They're wrong No bluffing."

"The ball is now in the EU camp, and do not get me wrong, there will be a lot more negotiations, I've got it. says clearly, but if they show us the same level of ambition, energy, pragmatism, this agreement is done in 12 weeks. "

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And David Davis, who was resigning as secretary of Brexit to protest Checkers' agreement, told the Sunday Express that the PM had to "start again" on withdrawal plans

Comments came as a new poll suggests that only 16% of voters think Ms. May handles negotiations well, while 34% believe that former secretary of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson would do a better job.

And 38% of people would vote for a new right-wing party that is engaged in Brexit, while 24% are willing to support an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam party explicitly right, according to the law. 39; You Gov survey for the Sunday Times.

One in three voters is ready to support a new centrist anti-Brexit party.

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