Racing Point: “Improvements to the car thanks to Hülkenberg”

October 16, 2020 – The feedback Racing Point received from Nico Hülkenberg at the two Grands Prix at Silverstone was an inspiration for updates later in the season. That’s what technical director Andrew Green tells.

The German came on for Lance Stroll in the Grand Prix of the Eifel last weekend, and also played in both races at Silverstone earlier this season to replace the corona virus-infected Sergio Perez.

The feedback that Hülkenberg gave in England is now slowly reaping the benefits. After quite a few updates, the car is performing better and better in the last races. Funnily enough, these improvements got the German into trouble last weekend, as he was only able to do four laps in qualifying as he was called up to step in only hours before that session. In those four laps he had to get used to a completely different car than the one he drove in England. On Sunday, the man from Emmerich was able to catch up well and took a nice eighth place from the last starting position.

Andrew Green is satisfied with Hülkenberg’s contribution, he acknowledged when asked by “Some of the improvements on the car are a direct result of his feedback in England. He told us all about what needed to change then. We made the changes in the expectation that he would not return to our car,” said the technical. director, who then confirms that the German at the Nürburgring had to get used to the modified car. “You don’t get used to these changes in four laps. He needed time in the car. He got it in the race and then he gave invaluable feedback, which was very nice.”

According to Green, Hülkenberg was able to confirm that the team had made the right choices. “He certainly has, but there is still work to be done. We have at least taken a step in the right direction. The improvements to the suspension that we have made are directly due to Nico. In addition, we have a lot more to do with the car changed, a total upgrade. From aerodynamics to even the steering system. This was all developed between Mugello and Russia. “

In collaboration with F1 reporter Adam Cooper

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