RACING Racing fights the last round for Rocky Balboa

Adrián Balboa, a 26-year-old Uruguayan center forward, is very close to becoming the nine that Racing has been looking for since it began to move in the market. In the absence of the last exchange of offers and counter offers and, obviously, documents between Spain, Uruguay and Argentina, since the player’s pass belongs to the Club Atlético Belgrano de Córdoba, the loan operation to Racing for one season is very close to culminating successfully.

The well-known footballer could not be otherwise, like Rocky Balboa, he has a resounding physique, 1.84 tall and more than 80 kilos in weight, characterized above all by his tireless work at the top. He is not an excellent scorer (In Alianza de Lima, where he played on loan last season, he scored 5 goals in 24 games), but he is a fierce striker, a shock, ideal to start the high pressure that Rozada demands at his tips. In Racing they believe that he is the type of striker that football needs that the Oviedo coach in Second B. They define him as a heavyweight, a nightmare for defenders, and hungry for success in Europe. Non-renewal of your loan in Alianza, one of the greats of Peru, and the forms that the club used, unleashed the controversy surrounding the Lima team.

If the operation, which takes several weeks, can be closed in the next few hours, the player would have no problems traveling to Spain since he is in his country, Uruguay, one of the least affected in America by COVID-19. One of the fringes that remains to be tied is Racing’s interest in incorporating a non-mandatory purchase option into the deal, in case the Uruguayan triumphs next season in Spain. After the hiring of Maynau, who has already trained this morning, and if the agreement is closed for Rocky Balboa, to Racing would still have to sign two centrals, a right back and two midfielders, at least.

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