Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Radiohead Express Outrage, a moment of silence at the first Toronto show since the collapse of the stage

Earlier tonight, Radiohead played its first show in Toronto since the collapse of the scene in 2012 that killed the band's technician, Scott Johnson. Thom Yorke took a moment to tackle the tragedy. "We wanted to do a show in Toronto, the scene collapsed, killing one of our colleagues and friends," he said. "The people who should be held accountable are still not held accountable in your city.The silence is deafening." He asked the audience to keep a moment of silence before the group launched into the "police" of Karma. "Look below via Consequence of Sound. Radiohead is currently touring North America

Last September, it was announced that the court would maintain the charges against Live Nation and other parties involved In last night's death, Philip Selway, the drummer of Radiohead, appeared on "Newsnight" of the BBC to express his frustration over the arrested case. "The court case failed on a technical point, "he said." So there were no real answers. Without the answers, we can not guarantee that an accident like this one can not happen again. "

In November, the latest development of the Johnson death investigation came when the Ontario Chief Coroner announced an investigation. Radiohead called for a closer look at the incident, writing, "While this is welcome, it does not justify the people responsible for Scott's death, and that does not do justice to Scott and his family."

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