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Radiotherapy helps to heal quickly

Radiotherapy helps to heal quickly
Radiotherapy helps to heal quickly

The majority of tumor patients recover after undergoing radiation therapy from the symptoms and return to their normal lives, said the consultant on the treatment of radiation tumors at King Fahad Medical City. He pointed out that 50 – 60% of patients with tumors need radiation therapy during their treatment period, It excludes surgical or chemical intervention.

This came during the awareness day of radiation therapy organized by King Fahad Medical City yesterday, in the lobby of the main hospital, with the participation of several specialties related to radiation therapy.

He added: “This activity to introduce radiation therapy to the community and health workers, who are often believed to be radiographic imaging, but part of the treatment of tumors, which consists of radiation and surgical department, and medicines include chemotherapy and biological, and radiation therapy is used for healing or treatment It also treats some benign tumors such as blood deformities or tumors that are close to sensitive areas. ”

Asaf added: In King Fahd Medical City we treat 1500 patients with radiation therapy, which begins with the initial examination, and then is converted to take the radiation to calculate the doses of healthy members, so that radiation therapy focuses on the tumor, and each case has an appropriate dose, the effectiveness of which is scientifically proven, Which is planned for the Department of Medical Physics to determine the doses and ensure the integrity of the procedures, provides radiation therapy without damage or reduction and concentration of radiation on the site of the tumor, in addition to the radiation may be one intensive session, or sessions of seven weeks, then, To check the money Z, give him appropriate treatment for her. ”

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