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Raheem Sterling buys a £ 15,000 watchdog to protect his family in a £ 2 million mansion

Raheem Sterling, the ace of football, bought a watchdog worth £ 15,000 to protect his family and keep burglars away.

The Manchester City striker, who lives in a £ 2 million mansion in the Cheshire countryside, bought a Rottweiler named Okan.

He follows many Premiership stars to buy dogs, including Andy Carroll of West Ham, who owns two Italian mastiffs.

Other players, including Phil Jones, 24, and West Ham midfielder Mark Noble, 29, opted for German and Belgian shepherds.

The football stars bought them from the specialized supplier ChaperoneK9 after a series of intrusions at the best footballers.

Raheem on the ground

Sterling posted a photo of his dog on social media on Halloween with the following message: "How are you going to spend Halloween? Big okan is a trick or treat for Halloween !!! "

Earlier this year, the company released a photo of Okan with the caption "Young Beast". Sterling, who signed a contract worth £ 300,000 a week a few days ago, replied: "In love".

Sterling has been abused by hooligans.

Last year, he was "completely shocked" after a racist kick and kick in front of him. Karl Anderson was imprisoned for 16 weeks after the incident outside the City Training Ground.

Chaperone K9 takes dogs as puppies and trains them to provide safety and love pets.

Their company says, "We provide a full matching service to help you find the right protection dog for your family."

Their website states: "We are renowned for providing the highest quality breeding dogs, offering safety and love to their new families in an often unpredictable society.

The 23-year-old football star has just signed a contract with Man City

"We have really bridged the gap between security dogs and pets."

He adds, "Our customer base also includes top-flight players, international rugby players, pop stars and people working in high-risk environments."

The company has provided dogs to customers from all over Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

They say, "We are aware that buying a dog is a huge commitment, especially for those who are perfectly trained to be a loving pet and a protector of the house."

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