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Raisa Ryazanova admitted that she still cannot get away from the death of her only heir, Danila Perov. She described how she copes with grief.

In the YouTube show “Honest Divorce” by Agatha Muceniece, the actress told about her son. A 51-year-old man passed away earlier this year due to a detached blood clot.

Danila played in films from a young age and became a sought-after artist. Raisa Ryazanova noted that the death of a loved one was a shock for her, because he never complained about his health.

The celebrity speculated about the afterlife. “People say:” We will meet there “… Now I’m not sure … This is to the ground and forever. The only memory remains in the mind and heart,” – said Raisa Ryazanova. She added that it is still very difficult for her to think about the death of her son. “They say that after a year it will be easier … I don’t know,” said the star of the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears.”

Despite the tragedy in the family, the actress tries not to get depressed. She tries to enjoy life as much as possible. After all, everything around reminds her of the heir.

Recall that Danila was born in the marriage of Raisa Ryazanova with the artist Yuri Perov. In the YouTube show of Agatha Muceniece, she admitted that being married for ten years dated a married man. The celebrity calls an affair with him the main love of his life. She understood that she was meeting an unfree person, but she could not help herself. At the same time, the actress noted that she felt a strong remorse.

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