Rakitic and Dembélé do not want to be the currency of exchange for Neymar


Although the settings of Ivan Rakitic and Ousmane Dembélé do not hide that the two players feel, now they are hurt with Barça, both the Croatian midfielder and the French side want to continue playing every 15 days at the Camp Nou. In the absence of five days for the closing of the signing market, the Barça club tries to convince one of the two, or both, to accept changing the stage. And, instead of entering the Diagonal to go to the Camp Nou, drive to the south-west of Paris to the Princes Park. "It could be a key piece," a source from Barça admits, referring to the role of Rakitic in the Neymar series. But in the Croatian they have invited him to a party where he does not want to be. The former Sevilla player only has the lead to continue to Barça, although he feels hurt after seeing how in the first two league games they have left the bench. Rakitic, who was already frustrated by the last season without getting a better salary, has always been considered the ideal player to sacrifice if he is to think more about the economy than on the game. At age 31, a high transfer can still be charged for him. And in the end a salary is released. In fact, Barça would not be able to sell it to a club like Juve, who was interested in him, but Rakitic did not want to leave Barcelona. And less to go to a league that considers lower level, the French. Although he could charge a higher salary, for the moment Rakitic continues to focus on following in Barcelona, ​​where he is happy with his family. With the face of few friends to be substitute, but without wanting a change of air.

Rakitic does not want to leave France, and Ousmane Dembélé does not want to go back either. Seconds Le Parisien, the PSG is talking with its surroundings to know its position. The end would have many more reasons to make the trip to the north. It is his country, where he is a media star, and he would meet again with Thomas Tuchel, the technician with whom he made a good leap in the Borussia of Dortmund. But Tuchel also saw some cases of indiscipline of the young player when they worked together in Germany, so Barça is also nervous waiting to see if the technician calls the end to encourage him to work together again. Dembele does not change his mind for the moment. And if Tuchel does not call him, he will hardly end it. As the ARA said a week ago, in a few days Barça went from saying to Dembélé that it is a key piece in the future of the club to open the door to go to the PSG, whether transferred or transferred. But the representative of Dembélé, Moussa Sissoko, insisted yesterday in statements to the French television program Telephone That "Ousmane is 100% left to Barça". "There is no option to go, no one. He wants to succeed, and he will win, in Barcelona, ​​"he added. Another option raised in French is that it is transferred to the PSG allowing it to return if Raketic accepts to leave.

The PSG was also interested in the right side Nélson Semedo, another player who does not want to leave Barcelona. But the Barça sports area, if he can avoid it, does not want to sell the Portuguese side, as he is the owner. Instead, Rakitic had already been offered before the turn of the bulls led Barca to negotiate for a Brazilian player who, until recently, was the number 1 enemy of the club.

Planning strategies

If Rakitic and Dembélé do not want to pack their bags, the options to sign Neymar are done. It is a possibility that does not bother many sectors of the club, where it is considered that signing it would entail too much economic risk. But Bartomeu continues to insist to see if there is a formula that unlocks an operation that would generate a strong debate within Barcelona. The Camp Nou offices, in fact, saw a new meeting, headed by Bartomeu himself, to analyze the strategy to follow after seeing how the PSG accepts to negotiate but demands more than 180 million. Barça, who has been indebted to different loans, does not have the money and needs to include players in the operation. At the meeting yesterday names came out and proposals were planned to try to bring Neymar, as they would like the heavyweights of Barça dressing room.

And waiting for news, Neymar continues to train with the PSG, although he has not yet debuted this season. Tuchel explained that he would not play until his future was not clear. Yesterday he appeared in a promotional video of the French club, who plays tomorrow against Metz tomorrow, which could be the last match without Neymar. The last one because he could go to Barça or he could play games again with the PSG after seeing how he wants to continue living in a city, Paris, where Rakitic and Dembélé do not want to go.



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