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Ramadan Comes Twice a Year, When Will It Happen? page all

KOMPAS.com Muslims around the world will again celebrate the holy month of Ramadan twice a year.

This was revealed by astronomer from Saudi Arabia Khaled al-Zaqaq on Monday (11/4/2022).

Reported from The National News, Dr Hasan Al Hariri as Chief Executive of the Dubai Astronomy Group also said that Muslims will meet the holy month of Ramadan twice in 2030, namely in January and December 2030.

Previously, the month of Ramadan had fallen twice a year in 1965 and 1997. And it is estimated that it will happen again in 2030 and 2063.

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Estimated to occur in 2030

Reported from Al Arabiya News, In 2030 it is estimated that Muslims will celebrate the month of Ramadan twice a year.

This momentum occurred because in 1451 Hijri, Ramadan is expected to fall on January 5, 2030. While in 1452 Hijri, Ramadan will arrive around December 26, 2030.

This calculation is based on the fact that the Hijri calendar is calculated based on the lunar cycle which takes 33 years to complete one cycle.

The Gregorian calendar is marked by the earth’s journey around the sun.

“The Hijri calendar, or lunar-based year, is 11 days shorter than the solar calendar,” said Dr Hasan The National News, Tuesday (12/4/2022).

The difference in the concept of the two calendars indicates that there is a possibility that Ramadan will fall twice in one Christian year, which is approximately once every 30 years.

Based on these estimates, in 2030 Muslims will fast for 36 days, namely 30 days starting from January 5, 2030 (1451 Hijriyah) and 6 days from December 26, 2030 (1452 Hijriyah).

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SHUTTERSTOCK/I.Alip Illustration of Islamic calendar, Hijri calendar, Hijri calendar.

Happens once every 32 years

Based on these estimates, the holy month of Ramadan will occur twice a year with a period of once every 32 years.

Every year, all Muslims around the world commemorate the holy month of Ramadan on a different date. This is because of the difference in the number of days in the Hijri year which lasts for 354 or 355 days while the Gregorian calendar is 365 days.

“So, for example, a full year is 354 days in the Hijri calendar, not the 365 days marked on the Gregorian or Gregorian calendar,” said Dr Hasan.

“Therefore, every year that passes, Ramadan differs by 10 or 11 days,” he added.

In Indonesia, for example, last year 1 Ramadan fell on April 12, 2021. As for this year, the holy month of Ramadan fell earlier, namely April 1, 2022.

Therefore, Dr Hasan emphasized that this unique phenomenon can cause Muslims in the world to celebrate Ramadan twice a year, namely later in 2030.

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Determination of the beginning of Ramadan

Muslims commemorate the holy month of Ramadan by performing the worship recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, namely fasting.

The determination of the beginning of Ramadan is marked by the appearance of the moon which marks the beginning and end of Ramadan, which is the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar.

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In the days leading up to the holy month, religious authorities around the world scan the night sky for a glimpse of the crescent moon marking the start of Ramadan.

In 2030, Ramadan is expected to start in early January as well as in late December.

The commemoration of Ramadan twice a year is expected to happen again in 2063.

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