Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

Rams cancel training due to forest fires in Southern California

Citing the need to protect their players, their employees and their families, the Los Angeles Rams canceled training on Friday as two fires ravaged neighboring Ventura County, California. to the west of one of the fires in the Bell Canyon area. That hell continued to burn on Friday, officials said, quadrupling their acreage to 8,000 acres without any containment when residents in its wake began evacuating.

The Rams host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Rich Hammond, who covers the Orange County Register team, reported that wildfires or poor air quality are unlikely to affect play because of the distance between the stage and the underworld.

The smoke from Woolsey's fire was visible from the team's facilities as the Rams were training on Thursday afternoon, according to Hammond.

The preparation of the Rams' play week was also interrupted by wildfires last season, in anticipation of a match against the Philadelphia Eagles in December. They have turned a complete practice outdoors into an indoor walk because of the poor quality of the air. The visiting Eagles won this match, 43-35.

The Rams and the rest of the region were already dealing with the shooting that killed 13 people Wednesday night at the Borderline Bar and Grill, located about six kilometers from the team's facilities.

"Sometimes, personally, you're upset by the loss of a match or whatever," coach Sean McVay said Thursday. "And that kind of takes you back down, and you really realize what's important in life, and sometimes you take some of those things for granted."

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