Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Rapid forest fires threaten homes in Southern California, forcing thousands to flee

A police officer directs traffic in Ventura County. (Richard Vogel / AP) Alex Horton Journalist specializing in national media coverage and breaking news – November 9 at 10:02: MILLEs OAKS, CA – Fires broke out overnight in Ventura County, California, burning more than 12,000 acres and causing evacuations in and around a city in shock from a shootout that killed a dozen people just two days ago. Violent winds swept the canyons and fueled the hill fire on Thursday in the northwestern Los Angeles area, forcing thousands to flee. The fire, which was still raging Friday, was likely to spread west to the ocean, the Los Angeles Times reported. A second fire – the Woolsey fire – began ravaging the Bell Canyon area on Thursday night and destroyed homes in Thousand Oaks, resulting in a mandatory evacuation in the middle of the night. This fire also continued to burn on Friday morning, crossing Highway 101 heading south, announced m said on Twitter, endangering thousands of homes. The National Meteorological Service warned that the strong winds of Santa Ana – gusts that blow from the east and accelerate along California's north-south slopes – would be subject to dry conditions. until friday, setting the stage for even more devastation. Both fires placed Mous Oaks in square brackets. An armed man entered the Borderline Bar & Grill on Wednesday night and killed 12 people before killing himself. [Guard, officer killed at Thousand Oaks shooting fuel debate about active-shooter defenses] Ventura County Fire Chief Brian McGrath said his firefighters reacted to the massacre and later joined the Thursday procession to escort Sgt's remains. Ron Helus from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. He was killed by the shooter after arriving at the scene. "Most of the employees were able to rest for a few hours and are now back," McGrath said, the Times reported. "We are ready and we are here." The devastating events also exhausted the inhabitants. Beatriz Bera, 21, of Thousand Oaks, said she and her family were knocked at the door around 2 am Friday. Their property manager told them to evacuate. "It's too much, first with the Borderline shooting, now the fire," she said. "Thousand Oaks is such a small community … how can you go from one thing to another?" Bera said that she had never experienced one of the terrible forest fires which have become commonplace in California. (In the north, a major fire has not yet been mastered after burning at least 20,000 acres, injured at least two firefighters and an unknown number of civilians and destroyed the city of Paradise.)
A forest fire erupted on Thursday at the top of a hill near Newbury Park, California (Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP) Reminders were present at Thousand Oaks, where the community had already been devastated by both fires. The images of the victims of the border, Bera said, appeared around the city. "We see faces. They are not strangers, "she said. "As a community, we have to help each other. We must gather. Firefighters struggled to overcome another natural obstacle: the steep terrain in burned areas. This forced the officials to fly to try to smother the flames with flame retardants as they fought gusts up to 40 miles an hour. "We are doing our best to attack this fire in the air, but the extreme winds are preventing us from doing so," said Ventura County Fire Chief Stan Ziegler. In the north, a major fire has yet to be controlled after burning at least 20,000 acres, injuring at least two firefighters and an unknown number of civilians. This fire, called Camp Fire, destroyed countless structures in Butte County, California. "The community of Paradise is virtually destroyed" Captain Scott McLean told reporters Thursday night at Cal Fire. "It's that kind of devastation." Horton reported from Washington. Joel Achenbach at Thousand Oaks contributed to this report. More: "The place was in flames": residents flee as Camp Fire crisscrosses Californian cities of Inside. It was "like hell". A new shooting in a public place makes 12 dead .

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