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Rapper Rolands Če releases a stylish video – Music

Rapper Rolands Če has released a positive song “Again Already”, which uses elements from the group’s “Chocolate” song of 1999 “There’s Someone”.

“Again” is an energetic rap single with fresh and topical pop music elements, which will be a pleasant surprise for both Roland Che fans and young listeners. The rapper points out that the reference used in the single to the song “Ir esmu” is not a random choice, but a tribute to Latvian pop music of the 90s, and this song has been remembered since childhood. References to this song also appear in the “Again” video. “Have you ever woken up from a bad dream, but realize that you haven’t woken up at all and it’s going on? I have. So I wanted to show the opposite in this video – I’m waking up in a better and better dream. Right now I’m feeling the creative wave, I think this is the best way to show it to the audience. “I want this dream not to end,” said the Chocolate group in 1999, and so do I., but in 2020, “says Roland Che.

It should be reminded that the name of Roland Che became known to the general public after the success of the single “Tort”, as well as the song “Ring Dance (Russian Roulette)”, which was also the musician’s first collaboration with the music publisher “Universal Music”. Rolands Če is a rapper, songwriter and producer from Talsi, who has been involved in music for more than ten years, focusing on it more professionally in 2016. He works as a solo artist in music and participates in several joint projects, the most successful of which is the duo together with the rapper Xantikvariāts – the last album of both “Siera Plate 2” has received a great response among listeners, ”.

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