Rappi, with three days of income, pays the fine of the SIC – Sectors – Economy

Rappi must allocate the three-day income to pay the fine imposed by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) for not complying with consumer protection regulations.

The penalty imposed by the SIC was $ 1,755 million, and the company’s revenue in 2019 was $ 201,000 million. Of course, if that income has grown in 2020, the time spent on paying will be less.

(In context: They impose a sanction on Rappi: $ 1,775 million pesos).

The rebound in pensions

On average, each of the affiliates of private pension funds earned $ 415,000 in returns from March to September. And in this last month, the average savings per worker was $ 17.3 million.

In those 6 months, from the hardest moment of the returns due to the pandemic, the returns on savings were between 7 and 15%, depending on the type of fund, in half a year.

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Huge underground road

The Buriticá (Antioquia) underground gold megamine tunnels, inaugurated on Friday, complete the distance between Bogotá and the municipality of Sopó (Cundinamarca).

The investment from the Chinese group Zijin Mining-Continental Gold will continue and expand production capacity at the deposit. The investment, which is already at US $ 610 million, will reach US $ 800 million in the coming years.

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A single sector led to a positive result

It sounds strange, but in the first semester – with the full economic effects of the pandemic since April – company revenues grew. According to information requested from 20,000 firms, Supersociedades reported an increase of 16% compared to the first half of 2019.

However, only trade grew, but it was enough to offset the falls in agriculture, services, industry, construction and mining.

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