Rare Pokémon Blastoise card sells for $ 360,000

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Probably many of us had a Pokémon card at some point, either because you collected them, they were from your friends or because they ended up among your toys for some reason, but surely you never had a card like this: a holographic Blastoise, an extremely rare card that has been sold for $ 360,000 at an online auction.

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The collectible card authenticator, CGC Trading Cards, broadcast the purchase live through YouTube and noted that the “business card”, one of the two prototypes used in marketing and promotion that Wizards of the Coast created “to demonstrate what a Pokémon card in English would look like” to Nintendo.

This card is the only one that is known to still exist, since as these two were made, both with one side and with a blank space where the Pokémon logo would have been, but the whereabouts of the other card is unknown and it is possible. that it no longer exists, so this Blastoise is truly one of a kind.

“This is a historic moment, ladies and gentlemen”said the auctioneer before reaching the final bid. The buyer was anonymous, and the amount paid for the card thus ties the record for the highest amount paid for any English Pokémon card, according to CGC.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord

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