Rashel Díaz returns to television

Rashel Díaz with his mother and mother-in-law.

Photo: Rashel Díaz / Courtesy

Rashel Diaz returns to television … A little more than a month after being separated from ‘Un Nuevo Día’ and Telemundo, the Cuban journalist and presenter would be about to premiere on another network and would have her mother and mother-in-law as a partner.

Yes, although it has not been made official yet, Rashel would return to the television format in Mega TV, taking the show he performs for his Facebook account ‘Between us’ where she shares all kinds of experiences and interviews focused on empowering women.

What does your mother Barbara and your mother-in-law Martha have to do with this project? It is that, as we learned, they would be participating in the program that would have the format of a talk show and precisely to give even more strength to feminine issues at all types of age.

Although it would not have a start date yet and, as we told you above, it has not been officially confirmed by either party, the return to television and the debut on Mega TV would be sooner than you can imagine.

Let’s remember that on August 5 of this year at the end of ‘Un Nuevo Día’, the show bosses informed Rashel that this was his last day on the morning show and on Telemundo. Although his contract expired in September, the next day was his goodbye with a tour of the 12 years there.

Rashel, was not only the pioneer of the show, the one that received each of the talents that passed through the studio of ‘Un Nuevo Día’, but has also been able to steer all the changes that the Telemundo morning program had during these 12 years.

But now, as we see it on the networks, Rashel is focused on her business, on being one of the leaders of a beauty product brand, she develops her programs on social networks, both on Instagram and Facebook, and now one of they are about to take her back to TV. THIS IS ‘BETWEEN US’.


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