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‘Rather 2G+ than a lockdown that no one adheres to’ | 1Limburg

The number of corona infections is increasing rapidly and hospitals are preparing for a peak of patients. At the same time, support for the corona measures is declining. The cabinet should let go of the lockdown.

That is what chairman of the board David Jongen of the Zuyderland hospitals says in the TV program L1mburg Centraal.

‘Economy structurally broken’
“I have spoken to a number of mayors about the corona measures. There is great concern about how long there will be social support,” said Jongen. He also sees that the Dutch are crossing the border more and more often. “I would rather have an orderly opening with 2G or 2G+ than a lockdown that no one adheres to. You also give entrepreneurs perspective. With a long lockdown you structurally destroy the economy.”

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Difference between 2G and 2G+
With the 2G rule you will receive a QR code when you are fully vaccinated or cured of a corona infection. In addition to showing a vaccination or recovery certificate, a corona test is also mandatory with a 2G+ system. The test obligation does not apply to people with a booster shot. For example, Germany is switching to a 2G+ policy for restaurants and catering.

Rapid advance of omikron
Boy is concerned about the effect of the highly contagious omikron variant on the situation in hospitals. “There are currently 61 corona patients in Zuyderland, 14 of whom are in intensive care. These are mainly patients with the delta variant.”

“It feels a bit schizophrenic. It is now relatively quiet in the hospitals and at the same time we are looking forward to the coming weeks when we are inundated with patients. Omikron makes less sick, but if so many people get infected at the same time, we will go.” set new records.”

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Infected staff
GGD doctor and member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) Christian Hoebe believes that omikron will disrupt society. Boy: “We first have to absorb the omikron wave, but then we have to continue with our lives. You see that many staff get sick, also in hospitals. In Amsterdam, a quarter of healthcare staff is at home due to an infection. We also go here less So what are we going to do in that case with employees who have tested positive without complaints? That is a complicated question that we are now working out. But I think almost anything is better than refusing patients because there are no staff is.”

Ernst Kuipers
The boss of Zuyderland is positive about the new health minister Ernst Kuipers sworn in on Monday. “That is a very sensible man, although as a minister he must now make a broader assessment.” Kuipers wants to look at the fight against corona from a broader perspective. In his view, the focus of the previous cabinet on healthcare in particular is untenable.


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