RATP announces the death of one of its employees

This Monday, RATP announced on Twitter the death of one of its collaborators, “coaching in Bus centerAnd hit by the Covid-19. “All our thoughts go out to his family, but also to his relatives and colleagues“, Adds the group on the social network. This information was quickly commented on by the president of the Île-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse: “All our gratitude to the bus, train & metro drivers who allow, during this epidemic period, all French people working on essential functions in the country to continue to travel“She said while”sharing the trouble»Relatives of the deceased supervisor.

The Ile-de-France transport authority, which continues to operate despite confinement – but at a slower pace – had quickly reported several patients in its ranks, from the first days of the epidemic. Two cases were identified on March 6. At the time, the management explained to the Figaro that there was “no quarantine of colleagues who have been in contact or who could potentially have been in contact with the machinist

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For some time, the group’s first union, Unsa-RATP, has been alerting to the difficulties encountered by workers in the company to continue their activity while limiting the risk of contamination. In mid-March, the organization highlighted risky situations for agents, such as getting on the front in buses, or continuing activity for employees in positions “not absolutely necessary” More recently, the Unsa-RATP had pointed out the risks encountered by travelers: “Impossible to maintain a sufficient distance with its neighbor on a certain number of lines“, She denounced in a press release. While “the transport offer is reduced“Due to containment, this decrease”is purely mathematical, without taking into account the realities on the ground“Accused the union.

Several measures have been taken in recent weeks to strengthen the protection of officers: “anti-aggression window raised; gate open in night position; front door closed; tapes at the rear of the driver’s cab; passenger climb through the back door»… So many ways to limit contamination. In addition, the “sale by SMS»Transport tickets have been proposed, in order to avoid any contact between drivers and passengers.


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