RBK has broken the corona protocol – Rosenborg’s egoism deserves no mercy

ROSENBORG GETS IT always as they will, it is they who decide, were gladly resigned. Around the country, the club was accused of influencing the schedule to its own advantage, was upheld by the authorities at Ullevaal Stadium that the annual Champions League qualifiers had to trump the league game in July and August, and is still one of only two clubs that always play at home on 16 May. .

Under the self-appointed banner “this is for Norwegian football’s best”, Rosenborg dominated both the decisions that were made and the matches they played.

When Nils Arne Eggens Rosenborg had started moving, also called the locomotive in Norwegian football, no one could stop them.

ROSENBORG IS NORWAY by far the largest football club. They have been since Eggen made them good. Jovial, open and popular in the beginning. In recent years, increasingly closed, all in line with current trends. But you notice when they shower on the shore, that Rosenborg still thinks it’s the size that matters.

The way they contacted Geir Bakke in the middle of Sarpsborg’s most important period in the Østfold club’s history back in 2018, told all about a club that is not so careful to take into account.

The way they picked up Eirik Horneland a few weeks later, the same.

NOW HAS ROSENBORG done it again. Annoyed by Football Norway. Or even worse, Football Norway failed. This time, it is also not possible to find mitigating circumstances.

While 31 top clubs in the Eliteserien and the OBOS league are loyal to the rules and intentions in the protocol that reopened football in June, Rosenborg has broken out of the cohort.

By letting more A-team players participate in a training tournament against Levanger and Nardo, the club once again puts itself above everyone else.

A QUICK SWEEP in Football Norway says that this is annoying. Violent. It has also given Brann coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen another opportunity to kick the old club a little on the skin, as if he needed it after the 10-0 victory in the district court almost two years ago.

But it is not a thank you for the last thing that Ingebrigtsen in a well-known rhetorical style plays when he sends another verbal salvo in the direction of Lerkendal.

The one liner I pick up from Bergens Tidende, “I am amazed that Rosenborg can play training matches against Nardo and Levanger when we are barely allowed to go to the store”, is as precise as it is funny.

ROSENBORG’S EGOISTIC CHOICE puts the liquidation of the Elite Series in danger, and the consequence speaks for itself. The whole team must be tested.

The consequence of the consequence, however, whether one or more RBK players should turn out to be infected after a Nardo player has tested positive, will create a rarely heated debate.

IT IS ALREADY possible to hear the demands of no mercy. That Rosenborg must share the football national team’s fate if that happens. That cancellations caused by reasons that violate the protocol should be sanctioned, not moved.

This means that scheduled RBK matches that cannot be played due to quarantine requirements – a problem Rosenborg has inflicted on itself in that case – must end up as Norway’s canceled match in Romania.

3-0 to the other team.

Brann-Rosenborg Tuesday to the week can be such a match.

I say no more.

IF IT IS possible to understand such a decision whether it will be the end of the visa in the series of a gross breach of trust towards colleagues in top football, a gross breach of rules in relation to the corona protocol, and possibly many unfortunate circumstances? Yes absolutely.

This is something Rosenborg has inflicted on himself.

There is no reason for the NFF to show more mercy than UEFA.

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