REACTION – Chinese Embassy in DR rejects statements issued by US official

The embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Dominican Republic rejected the statements issued yesterday by the executive director of the United States Finance Corporation for International Development (DFC), Adam Boehler, who said that his nation is concerned about the neo-colonialism it uses. the Asian nation when investing in a country, in addition to the use of people’s DNA.

In the document, Chinese diplomacy called Boehler’s statements “baseless slander and malicious attacks against China.”

The US official spoke during a meeting with four media representatives, including Listín Diario, during his visit to the Dominican Republic, where he expressed “our strong discontent” with China.

“The Chinese side reiterates that we are pleased to see that other countries develop relations with the Dominican Republic on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, but we firmly oppose any interference in Chinese-Dominican relations and the use of coercive measures to impose on China unfair and discriminatory treatment ”, indicates the press release, attributed to the spokesman for the embassy of the Asian nation.

He explains that the biggest difference between China and the United States is that they have always adhered to peaceful development, mutual respect, and non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

What they accuse the US of

“As we all know, the US has been carrying out for a long time on a large scale and in an organized and non-differential manner cyber theft, surveillance and eavesdropping against foreign governments, companies and individuals, in addition to installing a large number of military bases seizing ports outsiders. Such a country is not qualified to accuse China on security issues. No matter what kind of camouflage they use, they cannot hide their real intentions to obtain economic and commercial benefits by demonizing China, ”they argue.

It says that China did not harm in the past, nor does it do so in the present, but neither will it in the future, to the security of the Dominican Republic, and is instead willing to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of respect for the will of the Dominicans, local laws, market rules and international practices to achieve shared profit.

China-DR relations

In May 2018, diplomatic relations between China and the Dominican Republic were established on the basis of the one-China principle. This principle has been recognized by the current Dominican Government. Relations between China and the Dominican Republic are normal, state-to-state, which corresponds to the fundamental interests of both countries and their peoples, and they have broad support.

“We are confident that the conspiracy of some people in the US to sow discord is doomed to failure.”

More than Adam Boelher said

During the interview with Dominican journalists, at the residence of Ambassador Robin Bernstein, the US official gave as an example that the United States will promote investments in the port of Manzanillo, on the basis that it will always be from the Dominicans.

He stressed that the United States does not make policies like China, they are not based on what others do, because it is a “very threatening” way, said Boelher, explaining that he always keeps abreast of what China is doing and also other investing countries and therefore that focus on what they want to differentiate themselves.

He stressed that one concern is to see how China is managed, with a colonized form where debts are created, ports are taken and an example of their actions is that there are countries that have lost their ports for 99 years.


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