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Ready for a night full of excitement? We recommend these true crime series television

televisionIt happens to everyone from time to time: choice stress. Therefore, the range of broadcasting services is increasing. Fancy an exciting evening watching TV? Then true crime series are highly recommended. It’s not a guilty pleasure anymore to watch these series. They provide the necessary tension and are based on true facts. Here are our seven recommendations.

‘Conversation with a Killer: TED BUNDY TAPES’ (NETFLIX)

This four-part series on Netflix has a lot of footage of recordings, interviews and also sound recordings about murderer Ted Bundy. In the 1970s, he murdered dozens of women in America. He is considered one of the most popular serial killers of all time and has known about 28 murders of women. She was known for being very charismatic and beautiful and it is precisely that she was able to play smoothly with her victims. In this series, you get an exclusive look at Bundy’s death row.

‘Conversation with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’ – you’re watching on Netflix.


Ten years ago, the ‘murder of castles’ captivated all of Flanders. What exactly happened and why did the castle of Lord Stijn Saelens have to pay with his life? This four-part series on Streamz reconstructs the family dispute between castle owner Stijn Saelens and his stepfather André Gyselbrecht. You can see the series on the streaming platform Streamz.

Watch ‘The Castle Murder’ on Streamz here.


This six part series, which can be seen on Streamz, is about the sensational McDonald’s scam. The documentary was produced by actor Mark Wahlberg. It tells the life story of Jerry Jacobson, the man who cheated McDonald’s fast food giant for millions.

Watch ‘McMillions’ on Streamz here.


‘True Crime Belgium’ has around six stories. ‘Night of Madness’ is one of them. The story is about the case of Osman Calli. He is a serial killer who killed four women in one night in Ghent and Aalst.

Other ‘True Crime Belgium’ stories are: ‘Nightmare in Closed Air’, ‘Caress of Death’, ‘Chanceless of Fate’, ‘De Schellebellemoord’ and ‘De Hiphopmoord’. All this can be seen on Streamz.

Watch ‘True Crime Belgium’ on Streamz here.


This docuseries is about a murder mystery that is decades old. He investigated the murder of a beloved nun – Catherine Cesnik – who disappeared in 1969. Her body was found about two months later. To this day, his killer is still in general. The case was raised again when one of Cesnik’s former students revealed that the school where Nun Cesnik taught was sexual abuse. Could there be a connection with the priests accused of abuse? Was murder covered? This series was nominated for an Emmy Award for ‘Best Documentary Series’.

Watch ‘The Keepers’ on Netflix here.


Crime story ‘Evil Genius’ tells the rare story of pizza delivery boy Brian Wells. In the early 2000s, Wells stole a Pennsylvania bank with a bomb around his neck. It was a curious mystery, as he claimed to have been forced to look for the key to the bomb. Among other things, this series investigates the truth and asks if Wells was telling the truth or if he had dug his own grave.

Watch ‘Evil Genius’ on Netflix here.


In its first season, this documentary tells the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man, who was jailed innocently for eighteen years for rape. But two years later, he was still arrested for killing the woman, Teresa Halbach. Her cousin Brendan Dassey was also arrested for complicity. In the second quarter, Avery’s new lawyer specifically put in the spotlight. During the filming, he released seventeen convicted men. The lawyer decided to take Avery’s case. They discuss the lawyer’s findings, along with Avery and Dassey’s family themselves.

Watch ‘Be a Murderer’ on Netflix here.


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