Real estate: how to terminate an exclusive sales mandate?

“I used a real estate agency near my house to sell my apartment. I let myself be convinced to sign an exclusive mandate but I am very disappointed. We have very few visits. Under what conditions can I terminate this exclusive mandate? “

Cédric Moulin, president of GIE Orpi Lyon, answered him.

“First of all, when you sign a mandate with a real estate agency, you benefit from a legal withdrawal period of 14 days. Then, an exclusive mandate is generally signed for a duration of 12 months with a so-called irrevocable duration which cannot exceed three months. This means that during this period you cannot terminate the mandate.

However, if you are not satisfied with the agency’s services, you can terminate the mandate if you believe that it has not respected its commitments. To do this, you must carefully read the terms of the mandate. The real estate agent agrees to do everything possible to sell your property, broadcast your ad, manage visits, etc. If you consider that the actions implemented are not up to these commitments, the termination must be done by sending a letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Otherwise, at the end of the irrevocable period of three months, you can terminate the exclusivity clause and enter into a simple mandate so that you can call on another professional or try to sell yourself from individual to individual, either purely and simply give up working with this agency. Everyone then finds their freedom. In both cases, you must notify the real estate agency by registered letter with 15 days notice. “

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