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Real Madrid cede the leadership to a limited Barça to survive (Albert Nadal)

Barça, as Gerard Piqué said, is a club that is “in weakness” but yesterday, almost without delay, regained its league lead thanks to a Real Madrid player who fell to Villamarín (2- 1). Sidnei, with a goal, and the former Barça player Tello, defining a perfect hand to hand in the 82nd minute, demolished the team of Zinedine Zidane, which has only added 4 points from the last 12. Despite Benzema tied the game From the penalty gates to the break, Madrid, with the wet powder, was unable to score any more goals in a very loose game of the whites. Betis, Quique Setién’s former team, did a great job for the Cantabrian coach.

Both teams move forward, full of errors. The targets are harmless from goal to goal. The azulgranas, with worrisome disconnections in the second half and with a weakened squad, just cash and tired legs, but thanks to the white misery clings to survive. This is the League of Fools.

Leadership does not hide its shortcomings

Oddly enough, it was at the Santiago Bernabeu last week that the alarms for Barça were lit. “Worst Madrid” in recent years, paraphrasing Piqué again, passed his hand across the face to Barça in the second half and won. “We have incomprehensibly lost confidence with the ball,” Setien said after the defeat at the White House. On Saturday, against Real Sociedad, the tone again showed signs of weakness and disconnection after passing through the dressing room tunnel. Despite Messi’s goal after a whistle-blowing penalty following a VAR overhaul, he still holds the lead.

In fact, in their last two games, Barça have clearly shown the team’s shortcomings in completing the full 90 minutes. Against the Real, after a first half in which, without imposing, it competed and it generated occasions, the beginning of the second half was worrying. The Basque team seized the ball before a passive team, which received the whistles of a tier that begins to lose patience, both due to the course of the team and scandals in the offices. The coach defends himself and argues that he is not worried that his team generates chances, and that the problem lies in a matter of effectiveness. It only takes their players to convert the opportunities. Having regained first place is now a small truce.

Madrid suffer to score, while Barça have a clear dependence on Messi. The Argentine has played in 15 of the 22 total goals in 12 games with the Cantabrian manager (8 goals and 7 assists). Griezmann’s contribution to Setién is summed up in 5 goals (three of them in the Cup) and no assist. Braithwaite has yet to be released as a scorer (he has given two assists in two games), although he has already shown that he is the striker who breaks the most space and generates depth. Some features that Ansu Fati can also exploit, cleared of eleven in recent games (he started in the first six duels with Setién and has only played 102 minutes in the last six).

The ratio of goals / goals on goal

The effectiveness of face to goal that Setién speaks of was crucial not to lose San Paolo. That day the team finished just twice between the three posts: the goal of Griezmann and, a few minutes later, a shot by Messi. 50% Effectiveness (goals / goals between the three posts). In the other games of the organization, the azulgranas finished off 5 times between the three posts against Valencia (0% of effectiveness), 4 against Athletic and also 4 against Madrid, without being able to celebrate a goal in any of these matches. Against Real, the effectiveness was low (17%), although it was enough to score a goal and add three points thanks, above all, to the action of Piqué in defense. The Basque team created a lot of danger, but could only send one shot between the three posts in a total of 9 attempts. Many in the second half, with Barça torn.

With the brief era of Setién, Barça’s most effective performance came in the Cup match against Ibiza, with 66%, as they scored two goals with only three finishes between the three posts. In the goals, also in the Cup match against Leganés, the team finished 9 times between the three posts and made 5 goals (56%). The least effective Barça drew against Granada (1-0 victory with 17% effectiveness), Levante (2-1, 22%) and the aforementioned Real case.

Effectiveness is important, especially when you focus on the outcome, but despite Setién wanting to convey peace of mind as the team generates chances, it is obvious that they need to be transformed into goals and in the last 12 games, with more and less entities, Barça have only been able to overcome equal or exceed 50% of effectiveness in four. “We work and prepare the games to generate chances, to bring the ball to the opponent’s field and to be in control of the game. We are a little tighter than we would like because we are not having a higher success rate when it comes to realizing chances. That would change everything. This is the reality. If we add the clear chances to the Bernabeu and those we have done against Real, we have only scored one goal. Sometimes you are not lucky enough, ”Setien concluded on Saturday. In a fragile Barça, effectiveness is key.


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