Real Madrid surpasses Manchester United as the most valuable football brand in the world


Real Madrid has positioned itself as the most valuable football brand in the world, according to a Brand Finance report that places the white club ahead of Manchester United and Barcelona.

According to this study, Real Madrid has a brand value of 1,646 million euros and is one of the six clubs that exceeds one billion. Behind Manchester United (1,472 million), Barcelona (1,393), Bayern Munich (1,314), Manchester City (1,255) and Liverpool (1,191 million).

In this way, Real Madrid returns to the top spot in this ranking after almost a decade. The value of the club's brand increased by 27% from last year, when it became the first in the world to achieve 750 million euros in revenue. In addition, the Real Madrid company is the most valuable in the world of football with 4.179 million euros, followed closely by Barcelona (4.125 million) and Manchester United (4.044 million).

As for the rest of Spanish clubs, Sevilla is the only Spanish outside the 'Top 10' that improves its position by climbing 13 positions and moving from position 48 to 35. In addition, Atlético de Madrid maintains the same position (14), while Athletic Club down four (45) and Villarreal up to 47, one ahead of Valencia (48). . (tagsToTranslate) real (t) madrid (t) valuable mark (t)


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