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Real Madrid upset, this is Mourinho’s insinuation to play Bale at Tottenham

Jose Mourinho tried to make satire attempts to Real Madrid. Through the placement of Gareth Bale’s best position when playing Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

INDOSPORT.COM – Jose Mourinho tries to make satire attempts to Real Madrid. Sure he can show Gareth Bale’s performance, he has a powerful strategy to play the star at Tottenham Hotspur when he plays. Premier League.

When leaving Spurs and having a career in Spain, Bale has successfully become one of the key players in El Real’s excellence over the last few years. The reason? Simple, he managed to help the deadly trio of the BBC with Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Welsh national player also successfully contributed many domestic trophies and even a hat trick of the Champions League title. Got 105 goals and 68 stats assists During his nearly seven years of tenure, the star has fallen in form in the hands of Zinedine Zidane.

Now returning to his hometown and inviting the talented young Los Blancos defender, Sergio Reguilon, Mourinho as the Tottenham coach is convinced that this will be their blessing in the Premier League. The Special One also will show you how to maximize Bale’s potential.

“When he continues his game and reaches normal intensity as well as dynamic movement, I think he will be able to become the player he wants to be the most. He will be able to make the decisions he used to have at Real Madrid,” Mourinho said. The Guardian.

“It’s great to hear from Sergio Reguilon who shares the dressing room at Real Madrid, Gareth looks like someone else. What he needs now is to feel like a top player like before and I try to work on it,” he added.

After being dragged away by an injury by Zidane, the 31-year-old player seemed to give an insinuation that he could still show his best performance on the field. It was proven when Real Madrid played a match and without asking him, Bale looks relaxed playing golf.

Have an investigation, the stagnant performance of the bomber is due to the figure of the Los Merengues coach who is starting to lose confidence. Yes, Zidane is reportedly reluctant to retain the star and has been looking for a more adequate replacement for young players.

The return of Gareth Bale itself is something that is highly anticipated Tottenham Hotspur to show tajinya in the Premier League. Mourinho entrusted him as a substitute for Harry Kane who was injured in international matches.


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