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'Reaves has targeted the whole game': Todd Reirden meets Tom Wilson

LAS VEGAS – Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves fell to Tom Wilson, who did not suspect him, in the second half of Tuesday night's game, and the force of control provoked him. Bursting helmet of the Washington Capitals attacker. on the ground. Two teammates helped Wilson get out of the ice and he was unstable, even as he was trying to make his way through the tunnel leading to the team's locker room. He was ruled out for the rest of the game due to a concussion.

Head coach Todd Reirden said Wilson would travel with the team for his last two games on the road trip, but he had no other information on the subject.

"Reaves targeted him throughout the match," Reirden said. "You could hear it at every face-off." You could hear the things that were being said, it's a blow on the blind side where an unsuspecting player bangs his head on the ice, which is disappointing. You can put two and two together, but he has targeted it throughout the match, so you can understand that from there.

Reaves was judged major in five minutes for interference and misconduct in the game. He was expelled. The late shot also rekindled Capitals' occasional frustration with the NHL's Department of Player Safety. Wilson has been suspended four times, which has resulted in him missing the first 16 games of the season, but three Washington players have been victims of a concussion over the past month, no suspension whatsoever. was imposed. of these episodes.

The Player Safety Department is looking at Reaves' strike at Wilson, but although the shot is certainly late and worthy of the offense on the ice, it is unlikely to result in extra discipline because Reaves came into contact with Wilson's shoulder, not with his head. rarely considered worthy of being suspended without contact with the head. The injury to Wilson's head was caused by contact with the ice and not by Reaves. It was not that different from an incident involving Wilson two games ago, when his success on Devils forward Brett Seney sent him out of the game. The check was finally not considered worthy of suspension because, although it is late, the main contact was passed by the shoulder of Seney.

"Who knows? Who knows more? I do not think anyone knows more about what's going on, so we'll see," said the Capital striker after Tuesday's game, a 5-3 loss to Washington. "It goes both ways, obviously some of our team's successes have been recorded in the opposite direction, but it has to be consistent or there is no way for players to know what's right or wrong. We do our best as players to understand it, it's still a physical game, there will be shots, it's just a matter of trying to understand and know what's going on. a difficult call.

Just three weeks ago, capital cities sent Evgeny Kuznetsov and T.J. Oshie both suffered concussions in the same match against the Winnipeg Jets. Kuznetsov was injured in the head by defender Brandon Tanev, who was sanctioned for an illegal control of the head on the ice, but the Department of Player Safety has not suspended Tanev in this case as Kuznetsov has changed position before the shot, which was believed to contribute to the contact. Josh Morrissey was fined for improper conduct, but a similar game between Elias Pettersson of Vancouver and Mike Matheson of Florida resulted in a two-game suspension for Matheson. The differences between the two pieces was that the puck was not in the area when Matheson threw Pettersson on the ice, and that shot had more than one element of retaliation.

It was Oshie's fifth career concussion, and although he did not participate in the Capitals road trip, he started skating in Washington, an encouraging sign after missing the last nine games. Kuznetsov missed six games before returning to training on Friday night.

Without Oshie, an injury to Wilson would leave the Capitals without their two wings in the upper right. At the start of Tuesday's game, Wilson had scored eight goals with six assists in his first 10 games after his suspension, playing on the front row and two special teams. His return to training had boosted the Capitals, who had won eight of those 10 games.

"I think none of us here have any idea of ​​what the player security service is based on, so it's something that totally eludes us," said the goalkeeper. Braden Holtby. "You know, it's hockey, I think there were a lot of complaints about it, we grew up loving a hard-nosed game and you have to be tough to play it. that's how Tom plays too, it's hockey … it was a physical game and I'd like to see more games like this, unfortunately with the player security department this has been removed. "

Reirden said, "It's something I do not really want to enter. I think we're at the point where it's not a good thing, when players feel like that. I know it's something we need to understand, but to say more, I think the league is working on it. This is certainly not the ideal place at the moment, as many situations can be conflictual. "


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