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Rebelde: RBD, Rodrigo Nehme reveals the salary of the actors of the telenovela, Dulce Maria, Anahi, Angelique Boyer / Televisa | Shows

16 years ago, the youth soap opera Rebel caused a furor. However, the members of this production and, who in turn belonged to the band RBD, have again attracted attention in recent days, since they released all the record material to streaming platforms, mainly by Spotify.

Faced with this surprise that pleased his loyal followers, one of the protagonists of the famous telenovela made a revelation that left more than one speechless.

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The actor Rodrigo take who gave life to ‘Nico Huber’, the boyfriend of ‘Lupita’, told all his followers how much was the salary he received in the successful production of Televisa.

The actor pointed out, through a video from Tik Tok, that there are two ways to determine the salary of those who played the characters in the Elite Way School.

“The first is by union. The union has a tab, the tab starts in star, co-star, part one, part two. Generally, all productions pay you the star, which at that time (2004 to 2006) was 1,300 pesos or 65 dollars [por día]”Nehme explained.

In Rebelde, Rodrigo Nehme played the role of Nico Huber. Credit: photocomposition

Then, according to what was explained by the remembered ‘Nico’, an actor from “Rebelde” could have a salary ranging from US $ 1,500 to US $ 4,000 per month, at the option of the union.

On the other hand, there was a different form of payment in which the artist reached an agreement directly with the production, depending on the role he would play. This could raise the monthly amount considerably.

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“It starts at 1,000, it can be 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 or even 30 thousand pesos or more and this added with the part of the union because they really are your perceptions,” he said.

Finally, he said that both the signing of autographs and other activities they offered could complement the salary they received monthly.

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In his video on TikTok, Rodrigo take explained the cause that would have caused his character to lose importance in the story.

“I was looking to renegotiate my salary with one of the producers. He did not give me the appointment and I confronted him on a photo visit and I did it by asking for my salary to be raised in front of other actors. I think that bothered him and perhaps there could have been something that influenced them to seek to introduce another character as Lupita’s love and that was Santos, “he explained.

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RBD songs available via streaming

They are trending! A few days ago, RBD fans were excited to learn that all the musical content of the group, which was born in the telenovela Rebelde, would be available again by streaming, mainly on spotify.


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