Rebenok’s biggest income last year was provided by the company he founded last year

In total, Rebenok earned 410,760 euros last year, including 200,000 euros in dividends from Verdorff.

Last year, Rebenoks received 89,000 euros for the work of a sworn advocate, he earned 86,363 euros as the chairman of the Olainfarm council, and he received 34,360 euros for his work in the Freeport of Riga Authority. Last year, Rebenoks received 1,023 euros for his work on the council of Latvenergo, and 12 euros for dividends.

Rebenok has saved 50,000 euros and 5,000 US dollars in cash. Earlier last year, when Rebenox filed a government official declaration, Rebenox declared cash savings of 182,347 euros and 7,000 US dollars.

Rebenoks has accumulated 171,365 euros in non-cash money, including 100,260 euros in Luminor Bank, 50,240 euros in Citadele Bank and 20,865 euros in Swedbank.

Last year, Rebenoks made nine transactions, the amount of which exceeds the minimum monthly wages set by the Cabinet of Ministers. All transactions were made for 294,875 euros.

In the declaration, Rebenox did not state that he was indebted.

Rebenoks has declared an apartment and other properties in Riga, as well as land, buildings and buildings in Garkalne district. The declaration also states that Rebenok owns the 2016 BMW 730D.

He owns shares worth 50,000 euros in the company “Verdorff”, shares in Olainfarm worth 70 euros, shares worth 475 euros in SIA “Franceska VET” and shares worth 140 euros in JSC “Grindeks”.

According to “”, “Verdorff” was registered on May 10, 2019, and its share capital is 100,000 euros. The company is owned equally by Rebenok and the company’s sole board member Ingus Balandin. Last year, Verdorff had a turnover of 231,693 euros and a profit of 1,045,824 euros.

On 19 June 2019, Nemiro decided to dismiss the then Latvenergo Council and appointed Rebenoka as a member of the interim council. Such a decision of the Minister of Economics was criticized by both experts and political circles, and the interim council of Latvenergo, appointed by Nemiro, resigned on July 1.

On February 26, last year, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, Rebenoks became a member of the Board of the Port of Riga.

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