Reckless driver almost killed a family in San Pedro Sula

SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS.- The recklessness of a driver was about to end the life of a family – a couple and their daughter – on the north boulevard of the city of San Pedro Sula, in northern Honduras.

The incident was captured by the security cameras of the National 911 Emergency System. The fatality begins when a man driving a passenger vehicle crosses the street despite the red light.

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Unfortunately, the victims – a couple and their daughter – were riding on a motorcycle, which on impacting the car flew through the air and fell sharply on the pavement.

Upon observing the disaster, the person responsible for causing the accident fled the scene at full speed, however, several kilometers later he was intercepted by the authorities.

Buenos Samaritans

The video also shows several people helping the injured who they survived miraculously. Some drivers parked and assisted the family, especially the little girl, who also hit the concrete hard.

Minutes later an ambulance assisted them and transferred them to a care center. Until now it is unknown what is the state of health of all.

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