Recognize the Causes and How to Overcome Breastfed Babies Farting Frequently


Your little one often farts after feeding or eating, Mother? No need to worry because this condition is normal for babies who are still breastfeeding.

Certified pediatrician at Einstein Pediatrics, Dr. Florencia Segura, MD, FAAP, said that humans, including babies, actually produce gas an average of 14 to 23 times a day. No matter what the baby is fed, they will pass gas.

In babies who often pass gas, this usually occurs because of a food reaction or flatulence or difficulty defecating. So far, there has been no clear difference in gas production in breast-fed or formula-fed babies.

“Babies in both groups can produce a little or a lot of gas,” says pediatrician Dr. Tiffany Jumaily, reported Romper.

The cause of the baby farting frequently

1. Reaction to food

Babies who often fart can be caused by flatulence due to food reactions. If the baby does not consume formula milk and only consumes breast milk, you should evaluate the cause of the bloating.

A breastfeeding baby may be allergic to cow’s milk from its mother. Cow’s milk products or processed products that you consume can pass into breast milk and cause allergies.

2. Breast milk lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance occurs when a baby becomes sensitive to breast milk. In this condition, the baby may not be able to digest lactose from the breast milk it consumes.

In infants aged 0 to 6 months, the production of the enzyme lipase is not functioning properly. Meanwhile, at the age of 6 months and over when the baby is already complementary, these baby’s digestive enzymes are good enough. Unless there is an underlying disease, the possibility of a baby’s stomach bloating is usually very small.

3. The baby’s digestive system is underdeveloped

Reported Healthline, Your baby’s digestive system is still developing and doesn’t have enough friendly bacteria to aid digestion. Some babies have normal amounts of gas, but others may be more sensitive to it and need to pass it more often.

Babies who fart a lot will usually stretch, arch their backs, or make faces like straining until they find relief.

4. Incorrect breastfeeding attachment

Flatulence until the baby farts frequently occurs most often because of the wrong latching position. If the baby’s mouth and breast are not properly attached, your little one cannot suckle optimally.

“The attachment of the wrong breastfeeding process can also result in breastfeeding intermittently, for example, every 5 minutes off. So the baby can’t get breast milk optimally, can’t get a good foremilk and hindmilk,” said a pediatrician, dr. Melisa Anggraeni, M.Biomed, Sp.A, to Haibunda, recently.

“It could also be that she only gets a lot of foremilk because breastfeeding intermittently. Meanwhile, effective breastfeeding is expected to be 30 to 40 minutes and full on one breast,” he continued.

Babies who are breastfed briefly only get the foremilk, Mother. Well, the high content of lactose in the foremilk is what can make flatulence.

5. Breastfeeding position

The position of breastfeeding may need to be considered if the baby is farting frequently. Mother try changing various positions until the baby’s fart frequency decreases.

There are several positions that are suggested to overcome this condition. Mothers can consult a lactation specialist or doctor for advice on the proper breastfeeding position.

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This is a sign that the baby farts frequently

1. Babies are fussy and continue to cry for about an hour a day. This condition is normal for newborns. However, if this keeps happening every day and doesn’t get better, take your child to the doctor immediately.

2. The baby seems unhappy all the time. This condition can indicate that gas is accumulating in the baby’s body.

3. Unable to sleep well because of flatulence.

4. The baby’s face turns red when he cries and looks like he is in pain.

5. The baby wriggles as if in discomfort or often pulls his legs over his chest when fussing.

Tips for overcoming frequent farting babies

1. Consult a doctor if a breastfed baby often farts because of flatulence. The doctor will find out the cause for treatment or medication

2. If the baby has a milk allergy or is lactose intolerant, then you should stop consuming all foods that contain cow’s milk. So, mothers need to go on a dairy product diet so that the high lactose content does not enter through breast milk.

3. If the flatulence is caused by the wrong breastfeeding position, then we can fix it. One of the breastfeeding positions that can reduce farting is football hold.

In this position, you carry the baby on his side while lying on his back. The baby’s head is then made at the level of the mother’s breast and the head is supported by hands.

4. Give comfort to the baby, how to rub the stomach with oil or telon living oil while carrying and calming your little one.

“The key is if the mother is calm, then the baby is also calm. Well, then breastfeed a little more until the baby is full and later the flatulence will disappear by itself,” said Melisa.

5. Babies often fart because of flatulence can also be treated with massage. The massage process should not be arbitrary because it can only be done by trained personnel.

6. Burp baby especially after feeding. Try to pat the baby gently on the back to remove the swallowed air and enter the intestines.

7. Probiotics can be considered if the baby often farts because of gastrointestinal problems. Probiotics have been studied to help reduce gas and support gut health. Before giving probiotics, you should first consult a doctor.

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