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Recognize the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and Prevent Early

Palembang, Sonora.ID – April 11 is observed as World Parkinson’s Day. Dr. dr. Rizaldy Pinzon, MKes, SpS, a neurologist at Bethesda Hospital/FK UKDW Yogyakarta lecturer to Sonora (11/04/2022) said that everyone can get Parkinson’s disease, it’s just that the risk increases in old age, especially if you have experienced an injury or illness in the past. brain in the past.

“The vigilance is recognized early on, this disease can be treated. Watch out for the symptoms of tremor or slow movement, stiffness that occurs in old age. Don’t think it’s something that needs to be checked and treated,” he said.

Boxer Muhammad Ali suffers from Parkinson’s because when he was young he often hit his head or he had experienced head or brain injuries or a history of blockages in the brain, he would be more susceptible to Parkinson’s.

Young people with Parkinson’s are usually 40 to 45 years old. One example is actor Michael J Fox suffering from Parkinson’s at an early age.

This disease is caused by degeneration or damage, the death of neurons or cells in the brain that produce movements.

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Neuron death is triggered by genetics, as well as exposure to trauma, heavy metals, insecticides or pesticides that stimulate mitochondrial damage so that dopamine-producing neurons are damaged.

“Can be controlled, recognized early. Given optimal treatment he will be under control. But most of the cases will depend on the drug, in some cases even surgery when the drug is no longer able to help, he said.

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Epidemiologically, men and women have the same opportunities, but men are more at risk due to trauma.

Characteristics of tremors, hand movement itself is difficult to control, stiffness, easy to collapse accompanied by tremors.

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