Recommendations for driving in the heat wave


The forecasts warn us already. Summer has already arrived, and the first wave of heat is about to affect practically all of Spain, with thermometers setting higher temperatures in many cases at 40 degrees. If we already know a few tricks to cool the car quickly, to save when we put the air conditioning, or to decide if it is better to open the windows or use the air conditioner, now we also pay attention to a series of recommendations so that our car does not see too damaged by the high temperatures that are looming.

Although it is always recommended to have the car ready, and check it with the arrival of the new station and before a long distance trip, if the needle of the temperature is triggered during one of our journeys, it is important to know how to act correctly.

As we are reminded from Pyramid Consulting, the first thing is to stop the car. With the engine off, we will wait a reasonable time to see if it is solved. If the indicator does not go out, call the support services.

From SEAT, Ángel Suárez, engineer of the Technical Center in Martorell warns that "when this heat is so intense, people usually follow some tips for walking on the street, for example, but very few people have in mind that it is just as important to have in have some tips when it comes to getting around by car ».

In extreme temperatures is when we have to pay special attention to the maintenance of the car and our driving because "a conductor subjected to a temperature of 35 degrees reacts 20% slower than the same driver at a temperature of 25 degrees. This risk is equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.5 grams per liter of blood, "he warns.

This engineer recommends monitoring "the hydration of the car", just as we do on a personal level. That is, check and maintain the oil and coolant levels in optimum conditions. Also, it is important to check the tire pressure since with extreme heat it may be easier for punctures to occur if we take them with inadequate pressure.

When using the air conditioner or the air conditioner correctly, Angel says that one of the common mistakes that drivers make is not to ventilate the car before turning on the cooling systems: "If we open the windows for 30 seconds before lighting the air conditioner, we will achieve that the first heat stroke dissipates in a natural way ».

It is also recommended that the air conditioning be used in «auto» mode so that the air is distributed evenly inside the cabin and that the temperature is not lower than 21 degrees so as not to penalize consumption.

If you take into account these details for the car, drivers also have to try to follow a series of tips to be able to drive with the highest possible comfort and maximum safety: plan your departures so that they do not coincide with the central hours of the day, present that it is important to make a stop to rest at least every two hours and stay hydrated. It is also preferable to drive with light and breathable clothing and avoid copious meals. Now that a large part of the population is taking a trip to enjoy the holidays and, considering these conditions of extreme value, it is advisable to follow these recommendations to reach our destinations without any mishap. .


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