Reconstruction of Mireille Knoll's murder: suspects accuse each other

Who is the author of the stabbings? Who set fire to his apartment? Is there an antisemitic motive? The re-enactment of Mireille Knoll's murder that lasted this Thursday, just over eight hours did not answer any of these questions. For fourteen months, the two suspects have blamed themselves for the murder of the octogenarian of Jewish confession whose body was found larded eleven stab wounds and partly burned in his apartment in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris, March 23, 2018. At the time, the drama provoked a great deal of emotion, particularly in the Jewish community and in the political world.

Yacine Mihoub, the 29-year-old neighbor described as an alcoholic, and Alex Carrimbacus, 23, the marginal under curatorship reinforced, we do not know who lies the most, or the least. Indicted for murder, theft and degradation of property with the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism, the two suspects have each challenged the mobile anti-Semitic in a long confrontation, May 10 last.

It was Alex Carrimbacus who during his detention had put the police on this track before retracting. On May 10, the inmate admitted that there was indeed a discussion about the Jews between the other suspect and Mireille Knoll on the day of the murder in her apartment, but that was not a topic. of dispute. "He [Yacine Mihoub] just said that the Jews were friques. […] She [Mireille Knoll] was a bit surprised, and after that she immediately went on to another conversation, "he said in the minutes of the confrontation that we were able to consult.

No emotion or regret during the reconstitution

This Thursday afternoon, in the small apartment of the victim where police, magistrates and lawyers had not been able to enter, Carrimbacus, first to give his version, confirmed that his sidekick had, from the first stab at the throat, shouted "Allah akbar". According to him, Mihoub would have said after having thrown the ten other blows of blade: "That way she will not make us shit anymore. "Words that reinforce the conviction of Mr. William Goldnadel, the lawyer of the family of the deceased. "I have always been convinced that it was a villainous anti-Semitism. I was not sure I could prove it judicially. I'm sure of it now. "

In turn, Yacine Mihoub hastened to refute everything in a chaotic language. "It's completely wrong, what he says. I never said that the Jewish community was easier than another, "he said on May 10, during the confrontation. This Thursday, he repeated that it is indeed his mate who stabbed Mireille Knoll before mimicking them. Then, the suspects seem to have collaborated to set fire to the apartment, remove the knife and flee. During this reconstruction, neither of them would have expressed the least emotion, the least regret.

Contacted, Me Merabi Murgulia and Karim Laouafi, the lawyers of Carrimbacus, say "remain convinced of the innocence" of their client: "The contradictions are obviously in Yacine Mihoub. Our client did not know Mireille Knoll. He came to her house at Mihoub's request, "they said. They specify: "As serious as the case is, the instruction will have to determine exactly the responsibility of the one and the other. "

No climate of tension or hatred

As Le Parisien had revealed, the neighborhood inquiry did not show hatred or even tension in the neighborhood or the building in which the victim and Mihoub lived. However, computer expertise in Yacine Mihoub's mother's apartment, located on the 7th floor, revealed that a few days before the tragedy, the suspect had consulted sites referring to Israel, Palestine and Islamic sharia. "This can not be directly related to the murder of Mireille Knoll, but it gives an environment," says a source close to the case. Other expertise is in progress. Contact Me Fabrice de Korodi, Yacine Mihoub's lawyer was unreachable on Thursday night.

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