Record 23 million early votes in US elections | NOW

In the United States, more than 23 million Americans have voted early in the presidential election so far. Never before have so many Americans cast their votes with several weeks to go until election day proper.

During the previous elections, in 2016, a total of 136 million ballots were filled in. A few weeks before the start of those elections, “only” six million Americans had voted early.

Experts suspect that the COVID-19 outbreak is the cause of the surge in early voters. They would look for alternative voting methods so that they do not have to sit in long lines during election day on November 3. However, the huge turnout of early voters is already leading to long queues.

A record number of early voters have already been registered in several states, such as in the important swing state of Ohio. There, 2.3 million Americans have already applied for a ballot. They can then return it filled out by post or hand it in at a local election office.

So far, Democrats in particular would have already cast their vote, according to an election report. It should be noted that it says little about the final election results, because Republicans can vote in large numbers during election day.

In the national polls, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is about 10 percentage points ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump. The latter has repeatedly labeled postal voting as risky: he believes that the method is easy to fraud, but has not provided any evidence for this claim.


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