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Record season and Guardiola amazing: It’s remarkable what my players have accomplished

Whoever opposes the azure jerseys suspects that it will probably not work out. That he has no chance.

Although West Ham flooded the leader over the weekend, he played fearlessly, he was statistically even more dangerous, he bravely fought against his favorite. But Manchester City did not give up anyway. As in Tuesday’s overture with Wolverhampton, who held a promising draw ten minutes before the end, there was still overwhelming final pressure.

Manchester City stretched the winning streak, scoring four goals for Wolverhampton at home

That’s why he left with a result of 1: 4.

“The English football winter is hellish, but we went through it absolutely wonderfully. It’s remarkable what the players have accomplished, “praised coach Pep Guardiola.

During matches in recent weeks in a casual gray hooded sweatshirt, he has reasons to smile. He enjoys the game of his charges as they create chances, how they lose their opponents, how they win.

“I can only praise the players, they are great, but beware: Liverpool still has the crown on their heads. We haven’t won the league yet, “Guardiola warned after the last victory.

Since December 15, when City lost points at home with West Brom, the rookie of the competition, it has been unstoppable. “You can’t play with them at all,” Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti raised an eyebrow two weeks ago. And his words continue to apply.

Winning series in the biggest European leagues

Only Bayern Munich and Real Madrid managed to win over twenty matches in a row across all competitions. The Spanish club managed to do this in 2014, when it stretched the series to 22 matches, the Bavarian giant won one match in a row last season. Manchester City can now overcome both.

On Tuesday, Manchester set a four-year-old record of 28 non-defeat matches.

In addition, he has won twenty-one in a row in a row and has not lost a second in nineteen league matches in a row, thus balancing the Arsenal series from the end of the last century.

The team exudes tremendous strength, confidence and confidence.

At the beginning of the season, it didn’t look like that. Do you remember?

City, broken after the failure of the final tournament of the Champions League in Portugal, entered the season cumbersome.

Already in the second match of the new season at home, they received five goals from Leicester, drew on Leeds and West Ham and fell on Tottenham. They didn’t seem to have solved the defensive problems that had plagued them in the previous year.

But Guardiola did not panic, he trusted his team. He precisely planned every detail of a demanding season, which was preceded by almost no summer training and which is affected by the covid-19 disease.

Rok City. We and the Champions League favorite? When they say that …, Guardiola is fidgeting

That the winning line-up does not change? Don’t go to the Spanish magician with that. He doesn’t hesitate to use six new names between the two league matches, as he did on Tuesday against Wolverhampton.

He has the widest staff in the league and the best footballers, so he is behind the championship trophy.

Will it confirm this in the weekend hit against rival United?

“One of the decisive duels of the season, they are extremely strong,” he warns his opponent Guardiola. However, this is doubly true of his team.


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