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“Recovery was not possible.” Scotiabank customer loses savings due to phone fraud

During COVID-19 lockdown, online fraud has increased. Karina, cited by Antonio Hernández de The universal, faced a different modus operandi. They called her.

Mexico City, October 17 (However) .– They call. They say they work for Scotiabank. They ask if the receptor recognizes a purchase on Amazon. Then they ask for datas. Then they empty the victim’s account.

Karina, a victim of the scam, related to The universal that a woman who identified herself as a Scotiabank employee managed to obtain her personal information after misleading her. Then 23 transfers were made from his account. They left her without savings.

The woman assured The universal who filed the complaint with the bank, but the response was not as expected.

“Recovery was not possible. The investigation determined that the fraud was derived from compromise of information through a telephone call by the customer. So it is important to mention that the custody of users, personal data, passwords and (or e-key devices are the responsibility of the client ”, replied the bank. The document is quoted by Antonio Hernández, from The Universel.

In June, different banking institutions alerted through social networks about a new form of cyber fraud in Mexico.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, online fraud has increased so banks issued some advice not to fall for it.

Scotiabank presented some important tips in order that users can identify false portals of this institution and be able to avoid bank fraud.

Some of the tips that Scotiabank issued are to check the name of the URL matches that of the bank, and not to enter account data, or confidential data or passwords. And avoid downloading an update or some type of installation.


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