Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Recycling: after Liam, Apple presents Daisy

For several years, Apple has not missed an opportunity to present its commitment to the protection of the environment. During its Keynote in March 2016, the company had presented to the general public one of its robots called Liam, specially designed to debone at high speed recycled iPhones recovered by the company.

On the occasion of Earth Day, an environmental celebration to be held on Sunday, April 22, Apple presents the evolution of Liam, a new robot named this time Daisy. Daisy is an improved and corrected version of Liam, who was at the time the first robot of this type experienced by Apple.

Daisy is able to recognize and disassemble 9 different models of iPhones at the rate of 200 devices per hour. Liam, meanwhile, had a return of 1.2 million iPhones per year, or about 136 iPhones per hour assuming that Liam operates 24/24 for a whole year.

These robots designed by Apple are capable of deboning the devices in record time, but they are also able to recover and sort the rare or recyclable materials of these devices, so they can be reused later. Apple says it has asked its own R & D teams to work on the development and development of these robots, the equivalents offered in the trade are not specifically adapted to the phones of the brand.

Smartphone manufacturers are frequently attacked on environmental issues related to the manufacture of devices: many models of smartphones use certain minerals particularly rare in their design and the extraction of these poses many ecological and ethical problems.

Apple is trying to play good students and has announced in recent years several initiatives to reduce the ecological impact of their production line. Liam and Daisy are among them, as well as used iPhone recovery programs set up by the manufacturer.

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