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Red Bull star designer Newey breaks new F1 rules: “A big shame”

Adrian Newey is the Chief Technical Officer for the Red Bull team and every year ensures that a brand new Red Bull car appears on the Formula 1 grid. He is currently facing a new, major challenge, as the technical rules will be completely overhauled next season.

But those new rules are in some areas a thorn in the eye of the 61-year-old designer, who looks forward to 2021 with predominantly mixed feelings: “On the one hand, I always like to look forward to line changes, because it is an opportunity to understand new things,” Newey begins his story.

“However, what I don’t like about the new rules for the 2021 season is that they are very restrictive and prescribe what we have to do too extensively. That is a great shame. Formula 1 will therefore be more like GP1”, he believes, referring to the junior classes like Formula 2 and 3, where all cars must meet exactly the same specifications.

“I believe that the royal class of motorsport is not supposed to be that way. Anyway, the rules have been pushed through, even though many people thought it was his own. The time will have to show whether they will actually provide a better sport, “concludes the Brit.


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