Referee: Referee legend Collina: Video evidence "advantageous"


Former top referee Pierluigi Collina has praised the video assistant as a "valuable guarantee and rescue package".

The 59-year-old Italian rated the system in a "kicker" interview as an "instrument that contributes to fairer games. Beneficial for the players, because it is bad to lose because of a wrong decision. Beneficial to the referee, because it would be unfair that a decision affects his future, which could not evaluate a human eye.

Man could not compete with the technical aids and various camera settings, said Collina, who was active for 28 years as a referee in professional football and was one of the best known and for many years best referees.

He considered the video assistant "a valuable guarantee and rescue package thanks to today's technical possibilities". Asked if the system had taken football from humanity, Collina replied, "Not at all. The players are still playing, the referee decides, and if in doubt, it's better to have a clear answer that takes a minute or two than weeks or months of discussions. "


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