Reggio Calabria, a citizen recovered from Covid, accepts the GOM’s appeal to donate plasma but remains blocked by the ASP: “I would like to help the hospital, but in fact I am prevented”. The witness

This morning the GOM of Reggio Calabria launched a heartfelt appeal to the donation of blood and plasma, especially for those recovered from Covid-19 who are now 1,675 in our Province too. Unfortunately, however, the donation procedure seems to stop even before starting, at least so it happened to one of these healed, Antonio, who had the heart to immediately respond to the GOM’s appeal and sent a disarming testimony to StrettoWeb that we report in full:

Dear editorial staff of strict web,
I am one of the many who unfortunately contracted COVID-19 with hospitalization for 10 days and discharged for almost a month.
I accepted the appeal launched by the blood transfusion center for the donation of plasma as I am cured and with a negative swab.

I call the blood transfusion center for an appointment and over a series of questions, they ask me where I got the last swab,
who attested to the negativity, I reply that, given the times of the ASP, I did it privately in a center of excellence in the city,
with molecular technique – PCR, at the moment the only sure about the outcome.

They answer that for them only the ASP is valid, I ask at this point to book me for a swab at the ASP, but they cannot do it.
They tell me that I have to do it myself, I try to call the reservation number, but it is always busy and no one is able to give me answers.

At this point I ask myself, given the emergency situation in which we live, how we can help treat our sick,
if solidarity initiatives like these are prevented?


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