Rehab. No, Queen Elizabeth II did not make fun of Donald Trump


On the internet, many commentators have relayed a sartorial analysis of the dress of Elizabeth 2, revealing that the queen would have carried a malicious detail to make fun of the president at a state banquet too. A Twittos notes as well that the queen was wearing a highly symbolic crown: the Burmese ruby ​​tiara. According to the House of Garrard, the jeweler who set this jewel, the people of Burma would have offered it to the Queen of England at her wedding and the 96 jewels that compose it would serve to protect it from disease and evil!

Shared more than 6,600 times on Twitter, the anecdote was also taken up by several magazines people. It would seem, then, that many people believe that the queen was trying to protect herself and even make fun of the evil American president.

Must we interpret this diadem as a discreet affront that his majesty would have specially chosen for his guest from America? Difficult to draw such conclusions, since if this is the case, the Queen of England does not seem to like many people. Indeed, there are many pictures of the Queen wearing this diadem during other visits or banquets at different times of her life, including in 1992, smiling in the presence of French President François Mitterand, or with the King of Jordan in 2001.

Following the dinner, President Trump told the press that he had been able to speak frankly with the Queen of England and that they would have even had a good time together.

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