Reinaldo Rueda, preferred by managers for Colombia

According to information issued by the journalist Javier Hernandez Bonnet, before the imminent departure from Queiroz, the leaders of the Federation began to see favorably the possibility of Valle del Cauca Reinaldo Rueda, currently in Chile.

“Rueda has an impressive crowd within the executive committee,” the commentator said by way of infidelity.

However, he clarified that being in another team, his possible link to the Colombia selection: “The issue goes through Rueda’s commitments and his contract. In addition, the pacts between the managers of each country come into play, as one will tell the other that he is not going to take away his coach ”.

Hernández Bonnet, who made the revelation in Blue Radio, He also pointed out that “after the catastrophic 6-1 win against Ecuador, there were members of the executive committee of the Colombian Federation who they made efforts so that Chile did not beat Venezuela ”.

The peculiarity is that Rueda does not have a good time in the southern set, since march with 4 points in the South American qualifier, the same from Colombia, and it comes from falling 2-1 precisely with Venezuela, a situation that also has it under the scrutiny of the Chilean bosses, who have already asked for a report to assess its continuity.

Technicians discarded for the Colombian National Team:

On the other hand, the journalist pointed out that Juan Carlos Osorio is out: “It is not among the candidates, delete it.”

And he added that the relations between the Colombian leaders and Jose Pékerman were marked by the decision of the Argentine, who at the time would have been told to stay in the combined ‘coffee’, but without his representative Pascual Lezcano, and “he preferred Pascual.”

In this regard, Juan José Buscalía, Argentine panelist from the same radio space, added that another candidate that could be drawn from the deck is the ‘gaucho’ Michelangelo Russo, currently in Boca Juniors and of which he said: “While in Copa Libertadores, you will not want to go ”.


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