Reinforced Bear Tracking after Ewe Attack


One of the two bears reintroduced in the fall on the French side is suspected of attacking sheep on the Spanish side.

Spain and France agreed Friday, May 17, in Madrid to strengthen their collaboration to prevent sheep attacks by bears reintroduced French side in the Pyrenees, which alarm the Spanish breeders. Claverina, one of two Slovenian bears released in early October in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, reportedly killed up to eight ewes on the Spanish side in Navarre and one in France on a Larrau farm in the Basque Country. Claverina and Sorita, aged 5, are followed by transmitter collars. They make frequent incursions into Spanish territory and Claverina has even hibernated in the mountains of Aragon.

A meeting "technical" took place at the Ministry of Ecological Transition in Madrid, with representatives of the authorities of both countries, but also the governments of the Spanish regions of Navarre, Catalonia and Aragon, according to a statement from the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition. Representatives of the various administrations have committed to "accelerate the exchange of information on bear monitoring"In fact, data from the collars issuers and notices of report that the Spaniards receive so far only several hours late, said a spokesman for the ministry.

They also want to strengthen collaboration between the national and natural parks of both countries. It is "to consolidate the presence of the brown bear on the different slopes of the Pyrenees, especially in their western part where the population – reduced to two male specimens – has been reinforced by the introduction of the two females"according to the release. According to the French National Office of Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS), the Pyrenees in 2018 counted about forty bears, including Claverina and Sorita. Spain has another population of some 300 bears in the Cordillera Cantabria, which stretches across the northwestern parts of the country.

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