Relatives of "disappeared Daech" mobilize


Daesh lost his caliphate in Syria and Iraq, but the battle continues. In the realm of the truth this time, which tirelessly assembles some relatives of thousands of prisoners made by the terrorist organization since its emergence, in 2013, until its defeat, last March.

These relatives, without news for too long years of a son, a sister, a husband captured by jihadists, formed a " Coalition of families of abductees by Daesh ", Unveiled Tuesday, May 14 in Paris.

For some in exile in Europe – in France, but also in Germany and the Netherlands – for others remaining in Syria, they are mobilizing to obtain information on the fate of theirs.

Accessible information

Circumstances seem favorable to them. The Daesh archives, which had built a bureaucratic system, opened up in favor of its territorial fall. Maybe they contain files of people arrested or abducted by jihadists, which would be around 8,000 according to the estimation of NGOs?

Also, hundreds of members of the organization are now in prisons controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an Arab-Kurdish alliance that fought the terrorist group alongside the international coalition. "The families of the disappeared say that these former members of Daesh may have some information and that they should be questioned"says Nadim Houry, director of the terrorism and counterterrorism program at the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), which has joined the approach of relatives of the disappeared.

On behalf of Syrian victims

The latter also have information they would like to share or reconcile with the SDS as they discover mass graves on the former territory of Daesh. "They ask for a point of contact to interact with the FDS and the coalition, who have access to information, Nadim Houry continues. After all, the United States retrieves the content of the interrogations when they want … "

Fear that the evidence is disappearing

According to this connoisseur from north-east Syria, where he stays regularly, a sense of urgency, mixed with anguish, animates the families: "Mass graves are being discovered but lacking the capacity to treat them, families are afraid that evidence will disappear. A year ago, the FDS had only one forensic pathologist. "

"Iraqi prisons become a school of jihadist movements"

With no interlocutor so far, relatives of the missing were received Monday, May 13, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they called for the establishment of a mechanism to establish a database, serve as and provide local authorities in northeastern Syria with the means to process this information.

"After the time of the battle against Daesh the question of justice after Daesh, Nadim Houry analysis. On this subject, the international coalition has a responsibility from which it can not be discharged. She played a role in liberating these territories. Also, having information, she must communicate them. She can not leave the stage that way. "

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