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Relief Therapeutics may or must be removed from the list of relevant stocks, according to numerous analysts. The course of the course again shows shocking prospects. The share has lost more than 4% in brisk trading in Switzerland. The value is now on the way to heading for the next lows. In the opinion of analysts, the price target should probably be set lower rather than higher.

Relief: The path from Corona hopefuls to the supposed end

The analysts say it could even plummet. The stock has practically no more support on which the price in the chart could build. That means, after about 2% plus in one month and an incredible outbreak in three months (more than 1,000% plus), the moment could have come when the winners cash in.

Should Investors Sell Right Now? Or is it worth it starting at Relief Therapeutics?

Now, if there is a classic sell-off, it is important to find buyers. The share had probably risen above all because the group gave reason to hope to research a cure for the corona virus or for serious illnesses.

For the financial markets at least, it does not look as if the idea will come true. In this respect, the value on the chart is probably even stronger than the economic performance could reflect.

For formal reasons, technical analysts point out that the value would have clearly surpassed the GD200 and GD100. However, GD38 has now been reached, which means, at least in the short term, that there is already a change to the downward trend. The quotes have already switched to bearish mode for a short time after Levy’s relative strength index. From a technical point of view, things can now go downhill, they say.

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