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Dr. Gabriella Gobbi’s team has shown that CBD does not act on type 1 cannabinoid receptors like THC, but through the mechanism that binds specific receptors involved in anxiety and pain. The researchers were also able to extrapolate the exact dosage of CBD demonstrating analgesic and anxiolytic properties without carrying the risk of addiction and without causing the state of euphoria usually produced by THC.

The study’s first author, researcher Danilo De Gregorio, explained that in animal models of chronic or neuropathic pain, “low doses of CBD given for seven days relieve pain and anxiety, two symptoms often associated in this condition ”.

Dr. Gobbi sees this as a breakthrough in the data-driven medical application of cannabis. Indeed, CBD could offer a safe alternative to THC and opioids to treat chronic pain, such as sciatica neuralgia, back pain, diabetes, cancer or post-traumatic pain.

The results of the study, she explains, demonstrate that CBD can be used “as a medicine without producing the dangerous side effects associated with THC.”

The results of this study were published in the scientific journal PAIN (The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain).

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