Remaining 2 months, BTN is working hard to distribute another Rp. 10 trillion KPR

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk (BBTN) is targeting to distribute KPR of Rp. 10 trillion in the remainder of 2020. The company is also working to accelerate booking for subsidized mortgages, and settlement of housing infrastructure such as road construction and electricity connections.

“The number of contracts increases in November and December. If we look at the year-end pipeline, we believe that each can reach Rp 5 trillion per month so that it can be Rp 10 trillion at the end of the year,” said Director of Finance, Planning & Treasury of Bank BTN, Nixon LP Napitupulu. in CNBC Indonesia Award: The Most Inspiring Banks, Friday (20/11/2020).

According to him, this achievement is in accordance with the implementation of the National Economic Recovery (PEN) which was proclaimed and includes the funds entrusted to the company.

“We still have debt for the next two months, Rp. 8 trillion in the next two months to be distributed,” he added.

He explained that the number of KPR disbursements from March to May has decreased quite deeply. If before Covid-19, Bank BTN was able to distribute Rp. 6 trillion in credit in one month, in May it was only Rp. 1-2 trillion. Nixon said the current situation was tough, because usually the community had not prioritized the house contract.

After that, after June the KPR demand began to improve. Nixon said that in August the KPR contract was recorded at Rp. 3.8 trillion, September at Rp. 4.2 trillion, and in October at Rp. 4.5 trillion.

“We are optimistic that in November and December the KPR contract will increase to Rp 5 trillion per month, still below normal but starting to increase,” said Nixon.

The peak restructuring occurred in May and June, relatively low in October, and December has stopped so that it has sloped far. According to him, the market has started to improve, as seen from the debt maturing with a tenor of 6 months in October, the collection rate rose. This means that customers are starting to be able to make payments, even according to Nixon, the collection rate has increased compared to before the pandemic.

“Later, there will be a restructuring of the 9-month package in December, and this 12-month package falls mostly in March. The six months ago the collection rate improved significantly, meaning that people can pay again,” he said.

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