Remember the Microlino? finally hit the streets

The manufacturer Micro Mobility announced that its new prototype called “Microlino 2.0” is about to hit the streets. Testing of this electric model will begin very soon.

Years ago the first news of this electric vehicle, which had as reference the BMW Isetta. For this reason, the new car could be an electric mobility solution, but to this day the company has not been able to materialize this fact.

That said, a electric scooter in the form of a tricycle, called “Microletta“. This model is one of two that Micro Mobility has under its sights. Now, the first of them will come to be the direct competition of the Citroën AMI.

It should be remembered that the company announced in August that it was ending the Exterior design of the Microlino 2.0 and that it had started with the production of its first prototype mule. These developments will hit the market by 2021.

Project progress

It is important to mention that the company is working on a new focus, which will provide the model with a complete renovation. The vehicle will now be called the Microlino 2.0, due to the influence of a key man in the marketing process, Jochen Rudat, former Tesla director in Europe.

Now this vehicle will have a more modern look, due to the changes that are being made. In the front it will have smoother lines, along with one of lights with led technology integrated into the tailgate and the headlights, which will be integrated into the rear-view mirrors. These will leave a free front door through which the car can be accessed.

On the other hand, in his quirky interior it can accommodate up to two passengers. In addition, it will include a control control, a steering wheel whose steering column leaves the ground and supports the panel, it will also have a digital screen.

In terms of motor options, you will have a new electric motor with permanent magnets, which will improve efficiency by around 15% over the previous mechanics, and a battery pack that will now be NCM type, similar to lithium-ion batteries. All this will generate an autonomy of 125 y 200 kmalong with a speed of 90 km / h and a weight that stands at 513 kilos.

It should be noted that Micro Mobility System will maintain its base price of 12,000 euros. At the moment, this new electric model is expected to be officially launched in 2021, after completing the road testing phase.

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